About GD

Gentlemen's Denim originated from a shared passion and creative flow of two friends who seek to contribute to a sustainable economy. Introducing: Miles and Jasper, friends since their early childhood. In 2017, the first creative seed for Gentlemen's Denim was planted and in 2019 the first concrete steps were taken to bring this seed to fruition. The outcome? Our first collection made from leftover denim fabrics.


Miles & Jasper are strong believers of honest products where social or environmental values are deeply integrated in the brand or business they consume or work with. It comes as no surprise that this is exactly what they have in mind for Gentlemen’s Denim; a brand with a no-nonsense mentality and values like respect, honesty, transparency and authenticity.


As they have been friends for over twenty years, these values are reflected in their friendship but it’s definitely not limited to it; this is ofcourse also present in their relationships with the production partners and fellow Gentlemen. Yes you! We aim for the long term and would like to build our brand together with you. Let us know what you think or which products you would like to see!


Future fashion is slow and sustainable!

How did we start

You may have come across our values about honesty and respect. This relates to how we engage with people but also the environment. We believe in making the planet a less-wasteful place and that is why we came up with this idea in 2019: what if we repurpose unwanted leftover materials into new timeless products? 

We examined the possibilities, what materials would be interesting and timeless to repurpose and this led us to denim fabrics for two reasons:

  • 1) +/- 2.16 million tons of post-consumer waste is generated per year. While these leftover fabrics can still be used, only 35-50% get a new life. -      
  • The production process of denim is sadly extremely harmful to the environment, due to the extensive use of chemicals in the washing process of denim fabrics and the amount of water required. Since leftover denim fabrics already went through the fabric washing & processing phase, it is a more environmentally friendly solution than newly washed & processes denim fabrics, with less impact at the beginning of the production chain. 
After a few years, we were fortunate to have found the right production partner in India with a shared understanding of our core values ​​and is willing to invest in it with us. We help them reduce their deadstock and they help us make quality products in return. A true win-win for them, Gentlemen’s Denim, the environment and you.
  • Mission

    We want to make you look good and classy, while being a conscious Gentlemen.
  • Vision

    Offer timeless and essential accessories for every conscious Gentleman, with a gentle touch for people and planet.